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Art & Ecology artists' camp,
Kashid Beach Resort, Mumbai, 25-30 Nov. '07


Nature, the creative and controlling energy in the universe, does not privilege the human species above its other manifestations The very energy which creates the world also creates a bond of coexistence between all the forms of its creation. Each must depend on the co-operation of the other to maintain the equipoise vital to the wellbeing of the world as a whole. The global phenomenon of ecological breakdown facing us today is the outcome of repeatedly flouting this basic truth by acts which violate its very premise. Notwithstanding, if we humans choose to continue on the same trajectory, nature will have no recourse but to bring a nemesis in the way it deems fit.


I see the birds in Alfred Hitchcock's film 'The Birds' as a metaphor for the means that Nature adopts to regain lost equilibrium. REMEMBERING HITCHCOCK'S BIRDS is a homage to the creative and controlling force of the universe.